Category: Looking Good

We all want to look our best, it makes us feel good and gives us confidence. T he key to an overall attractive appearance is projecting a positive, friendly attitude. On a more cosmetic level, you’ll look your best enhancing your best features. You may have a great smile, big gorgeous eyes, fab hair, or long legs. Learn how to use those assets to look your best; to feel good and confident too.

This is a great time of your life to experiment with makeup, hair styles and clothes. Discover which styles best accentuate your coloring and features. Magazines can be a source of inspiration, but can make many teens feel inadequate about their looks. The media bombards us with images of super models who are often too thin and too “perfect” to be true. Keep in mind, you want to look like “you” and not someone else. W hen you’re in good health and take care of yourself on the inside, it’s bound to radiate to the outside!

I use it and it works for me. ~ Amy, RN ~