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Healthy Dieting and Fast Food

Most national fast food chains post the nutritional content of their menu selections on their official web sites. Check out their sites and make a mental note of the less fatty choices. Here are four of the most common fast food chains in my area.

You don’t have to give up fast food completely if you are dieting. But, be smart about it and only have it once a week and be careful with your choices. Avoid the soda, even diet soda seems to increase your appetite. Ask for water.

Some Sample Fast Food Answers

Choices available at some popular fast food restaurants that you probably drive by everyday, or you would like to eat at more often. If you MUST have some fast food, at least now you’ll have some idea of how you can treat yourself to some and still stay on your diet. This doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dieting. Cheating at times is a must, so do it carefully.

Bad Better Best
Burger King Double whopper
with cheese and

1,010 calories
67 grams of fat

Whopper junior
sandwich without

320 calories
15 grams of fat

Broiler chicken
sandwich without

370 calories
9 grams of fat

McDonalds Big Extra w/ cheese

810 calories
55 grams of fat

6-piece chicken

290 calories
17 grams of fat

Chicken McGrill
without mayo

340 calories
7 grams of fat

Wendy’s Big bacon
classic burger

580 calories
30 grams of fat

Plain single

360 calories
16 grams of fat

Grilled chicken
without mayo

310 calories
8 grams of fat

Taco Bell Taco salad in
edible shell

850 calories
52 grams of fat

Burrito chicken

430 calories
18 grams of fat

Grilled chicken

390 calories
13 grams of fat

According to the American Dietetic Association more than 350,000 fast food restaurants scatter the landscape between California and Maine. Chances are good that you’re less than a few miles from one. Use this table to help you can decide what to chose if you want to treat yourself to some fast food and still watch your intake of calories.

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