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This ‘Calculator’ was for entertainment purposes only. If you read Teen Health Secrets, you know that we are sometimes considered too serious. If you are from a pro-ana site, there is lots of good information here. Lots of people struggle with weight issues, and a lot of teens are overweight. The facts are:

Excess weight is a problem facing an estimated 97 million adults in the US. According to the ADA* there has been a recent 40% increase in obese teenagers. This is due to many factors. Before you decide to pursue a weight-loss program, you should understand the definition, causes and health risks of being overweight.

We don’t want you to obsess about your weight, but to be aware that you could develop a health problem that can be avoided by excess weight!

There is a real Calorie Calculator and also ‘calories burned charts‘ for those who
choose to exercise as a way to lose weight. When you don’t eat at all, you just lower your metabolic rate, and that makes it even harder to remain at your desired weight or to lose it, never mind the bone loss that is occurring while you are not eating.

Check out the Food Table chart, done for us by a registered dietician.

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