~ Letter Addressed to the Sky ~

Dear Reader, this is a letter that I wrote to Juliette today. Three months ago to this day exactly, Juliette took her life leaving behind many grieving friends and loved ones.

Dear Juliette,
Well I can't believe that it's been three months since "it" all happened. So much has changed and happened and I really wish that you could be here with me to talk.

Will and I are still together and next month it'll be a year and half together. I can't believe that it's been that long. Sometimes I can't even believe what you did for me. If you hadn't of talked Will out of his fear of asking me out, I wouldn't have such the perfect guy.

This new school year is approaching way too fast. I just can't believe it's going to be a year without you. When I've needed a friend you were always there and now your not. I really miss you today. I know that it's been only three months but I miss you more than ever. Every second that goes by you're not in my mind. I know that we lost track of each other this year but that's because you weren't around and you were lost Juliette. I said hi to you and you said nothing back. It was as if there was nothing inside you. I knew that all the pain you were going through was hard but still. You could have still lived and survived!

Sometimes I think that you were mad at me for writing that letter to you. The letter I wrote telling you how much I cared about what you did for me. You never wrote back or said anything about it ever again. I just wanted to thank you for what you did. You don't see how happy Will and I are. We have such a good time together, like last night. We went to the movies and I've never felt so happy. He went out the wrong door to go to the car and we had to walk a little further but that walk was nice. I just wish that you could have that with someone. I know that you and Tim were in love, almost like your Romeo.

Well Juliette, I hope that you're happy and safe wherever you are. I miss you everyday and still think about you. I'm never going to forget you, just please don't forget about me.

Missing you forever,

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