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A s much as you love your family... okay, so you don't always love your family, but sometimes you do... y ou need friends in your life, especially when you are a teenager. When you are with people your own age it is usually easier to have more fun than with your family.

Friends are usually on the same wave length as you. You can talk to them about everything. You can laugh together and cry together. Friends understand you, your moods, your problems, and your worries. They share your dreams, doubts, and fears, and most importantly they love you for being yourself. When you are a teen, sometimes your friends feel more like family than your own family does. Why is that? Because you chose your friends.

Friendships formed during your teen years may come and go, but some will last into your adult years; some even for a lifetime. Remember, you are only a teenager once, this can be very stressful years and friendships can be very valueable.

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