S exuality, sexual health, and everything you need to know about your body in case you slept through health class. More than 12 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases are reported each year in the United States. Teenagers have the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases of any age group.

Learn how to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy, from STDs and find honest answers to sexual FAQs. Y ou may be confused about contraception and "safe sex"; these are explained so you can protect yourself when the time is right.

The USA has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western world!

 French Kissing With Passion



 The Female Orgasm

Self-Massage Techniques



Genital Herpes Rates Rise



condoms Don’t be Silly, Wrap Your Willy!



Kissing Benefits



  Your Vagina - Get to Know it Better



Tattoo For You?



HIV and Young Women



Masturbation Benefits



Am I Pregnant?



Penis Size - Does it Matter?





The G-Spot - Enhancing Her Pleasure



Penis Problems



  Am I Gay?



Quit Smoking Today!



Remember, no one has a body "to die for".


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