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T oday t here is a huge focus on physical well-being. However, we cannot cut off the body at the neck as did many physicians years ago. The two work together and today we know that stress can often cause more damage to the body than some forms of cancer and other diseases.

I f we are to consider our overall well-being, we should not draw a line between our bodies and our heads, our minds are more complex than we even realized. M any perceptions about mental health have changed over time. Although, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize signs that a person is struggling with their mental state. Often people, especially teens and young adults think seeking help for depression or another 'mind matter' makes them a weaker person. This is just not true.

The last thing a person in emotional pain wants to hear is that “time will heal” their pain. In many situations this is true, if, however, the hurt is not going away and you feel a sense of hopelessness, then professional help is essential. T here is help out there and you are by no means alone. If you need a crisis hotline, go to the hotlines page. Talk to your help care provider if you feel hopelessness, despair or depressed.

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