Condoms are excellent for preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. Condoms MUST be made of LATEX to prevent STDs! None of this lambskin stuff please!

In the United States every latex condom manufactured is tested electronically for holes before packaging. Condom breakage rates are low in the U.S., no higher than 2 per 100 used.

For the thinnest latex in the world - Crown Condoms, Visit Condomania Online. They have condoms in 70 sizes. That's where I used to buy mine. ~ Amy, RN ~

How does it work?

Prevents seminal fluid -- which contains sperm to enter the vagina.

How do I use it?

Practice putting a condom on correctly. If you are a female, practice by putting a condom on two fingers that are held together. Learn how to put one on, don't depend on your partner to know how.

Check the expiration date of the condom, it's on there.

Open the package at the end so you don't damage the condom. Put on the condom as soon as the penis is hard. Be sure the roll-up ring is on the outside facing away from the penis. Leave some space at the tip to hold the semen - about 1/2 to 1 inch at the tip of the condom. (If there is not enough room at the tip, the semen could break the condom). Squeeze the tip gently so no air is trapped inside. Hold the tip while you unroll the condom along the length of the penis to the hair. If the condom doesn't unroll, it's on wrong! Throw it away & start over with a new one. Never unroll it before putting it on the penis. When putting it on, avoid tearing it with fingernails, rings or anything sharp, especially belly-rings.

DO NOT USE oil-based lubricants with a condom. This means no Vaseline, hand lotion, or baby oil, they can create holes in latex. Water based lubricants such as KY jelly are what you use. KY comes in a cheaper generic form at most drug stores.

DO NOT allow a penis to enter the vagina before putting on a condom. Some fluid may be released from the penis before ejaculation, and it may contain sperm.

After sex: The man should pull out slowly right after ejaculation while the penis is still hard. Hold the condom in place on the penis to avoid spilling semen. If the man waits for the penis to become soft, the condom can fall off or semen can spill out of the condom.

NEVER reuse a condom.

BROKEN CONDOM? Don't panic but immediately put spermicide into the vagina using an applicator full of spermicide. You can ask your health care provider about emergency contraception that can be used 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

A condom is more effective if always used with a spermicide. Condoms can be purchased at drugstores, supermarkets, through mail order or the internet.


They are easy to use and purchase. Very effective, no prescription is needed. Relatively inexpensive, costs ranging from 30 cents each to a dollar each depending upon color, texture and style. Provides good protection from STDs. Now available in many colors, textures, sizes, thicknesses and flavors. (Yes, even chocolate flavored).


Condoms do interrupt sex, but they can become part of foreplay. Be creative. Some guys can not keep an erection with a condom on - they say the condom compromises sensitivity. (There are condoms that are thinner than others, try those). The man must pull out immediately after ejaculation. Condoms must never be reused! Condoms should never be kept in a wallet, in your pocket, or in a hot car's glove compartment. This can destroy the latex. Never use condoms made from animal products - they do NOT protect you from STDs.


Always more effective if used with a spermicide. According to studies if latex condoms are used consistently and correctly, about 3 in 100 couples will become pregnant. When used with spermicide that number decreases to 1 or less in 100 couples.

Side Effects

Some people are sensitive to latex, and may even get a rash from them. Possible allergy to spermicide treated condoms or scented condoms -- not common.

Condom use instructions





Never use oil-based lubricants with condoms!  Use KY-Jelly, Wet™, Astroglide™ or other water-based lubricants, there are many brands now, even flavored lubricants that are safe if ingested.

NEVER use a condom more than once! Remember, no one has a body to DIE for.

Read about the Female Condom or    Go to the Condom FAQ Pages 1& 2 - there is another condom instruction animation there. Practice before you need to use one.

New information on the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 and condoms -- February, 2003 -- There is still some controversy over this; will keep readers updated, but check it out.

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