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We have many faces, but we are all FEMALE and we rock!

As a woman your health and its care is really in your own hands. It's up to each of us individually to take care of ourselves. This means getting the information we need about our bodies and our health from books, health care practitioners, the Internet, a parent and Teen Health Secrets of course. It means staying in-tune with our bodies so that we can recognize when something is wrong.

Y our teenage years are an important and special part of your life. These years are often the time when you will grow at a fast rate intellectually and emotionally. You are a lot like the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon, with wings to soar. We wish you happiness on your journey.

If you are looking for an article on a “ Mind Matter” or a resource on mental health topics, go to the Mental Health. Sexuality can be found in Sex Stuff - Gynecology in GYN Stuff and Men's Health.

Concerns and topics in the Male Health Forum. The Video Library has videos and articles on hundreds of useful topics. Check out Fitness and Nutrition and Teen Health Topics too.

Facial Recipes and Skin Care help you look and feel your best. Acne is a problem for women of all ages. Why do you get PMS and your friends don't? There is help for many. You could have easier periods too and smile again.
Depression is common for many teens. But, what if you are 'cutting', or suicidal? There is help and treatment. Do you get nasty nail fungus? You can stop iti, I did! Find out more... * Caution at the Cosmetics Counter. Find out more...

Getting a piercing? Make sure it’s done by a professional! Or is a tattoo for you?

Yeast infections can be very annoying and so itchy too! Learn what to do & when.

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