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1. Which one best describes depression?

    A "blue" feeling

    An illness that affects the entire body, not just the mind

    A sign of a weak personality.

    A good reason to avoid people, go into your room and lock the door.

2. Depression only affects:



    The elderly

    All of the above

3. Some symptoms of depression include:

Sadness, sleep problems, lack of pleasure, increase use of drugs or alcohol, fatigue.

    Thoughts of suicide, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, guilt

    Both of the above

    Giggling and excessive energy

4. What is dysthymia?

An extreme form of depression, often needing electroconvulsive therapy

    A less severe type of depression, involving long-term, chronic symptoms

    A form of depression in which the symptoms recur every winter

    Another name for bipolar or manic depression

5. What is bipolar depression?

Depression that does not affect teenagers

    A more common disorder characterized by frequent bouts of depression

    A less common disorder characterized by cycles of depression and "highs" or mania

    Depression that only occurs at certain times of the year

6. If a friend tells you that he/she is depressed, you should:

Help them get treatment. Encourage them to talk & find professional help

    Don't talk to them about it, that will only make it worse

    Leave them alone and give them some time to think

    Tell them it is normal, everyone gets it, and it will go away soon.


7. Treatments for depression may include:


    A support group

    Counseling & or therapy sessions.

    All of the above.

8. Any talk of suicide should be taken seriously



9. Emotional swings are normal for teens, so this can make it hard to recognize depression.



10. Teens who claim to be depressed are weak and just need to pull themselves together. There's nothing anyone else can do to help.

Totally not true!

    Totally true!

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